Since I have done a few economics units at University and since watched numerous documentaries and read many articles I have stumbled upon something. The world’s economy is vastly complex and there are and have been some serious powers-that-be in control of  sections of it. It is no longer based on production of good and services to benefit mankind, but has turned into people extracting wealth out of it through the Stock Market. America’s economy has become stocks and people selling each other overpriced houses, which collapsed. England was only managing companies and not producing anything. China has had far too much growth and with the accompanied Global Financial Crisis is now also on brink of collapse with Europe and the USA. However the people in power will do what they can to hold off a collapse for as long as possible and keep themselves rich. While slowly extracting and destroying the savings of the middle class through inflation.

Global Financial Crisis:

Inside Job –

Enron: Shows how ridiculous corporations can be and where they can end up

End of Liberty –

I.O.U.S.A –


Walmart – Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price


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