Ron Paul


President for 2012. He has been saying the same things for years. Since 1988 he has said government should be smaller. There should less regulation and government aid.

Many of the constitutional rights have been revoked through recent legislation. The patriot act and obama-care have removed the right to protest and indefinite detainment by the military, without charge and trial. Anyone in USA can be considered a terrorist if they do anything considered detrimental to the USA government.

Ron Paul has been ignored by the media for years. He has a huge following of young, informed people. And a large following of long term supporters.

There has also been blue republicans. These are democrats who have been disappointed with Obama’s lack of fulfilling his promises of change. He has done the same things as Bush. He sent more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. He invaded Libya. He has not pulled the troops out. He has killed a US citizen who has been in living in Pakistan for the last 20 years. He was not charges, tried and found guilty. This does not follow the constitution and is only the start.


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