Paul Chek

Great Article on Paul Chek, how a skeptic became a believer in Paul’s message and outlook on life

Paul Chek is one of the best Renegades of the World. He has a completely different outlook on life than most people. He knows so much about so much. He goes against the grain with a lot of mainstream medicine and health.
He practices what he preaches and has experimented himself. He went from being big and strong to becoming a vegetarian for a year to detox his body, and then he got back on a Paleo + Raw Milk diet.

Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness is a big advocate of Paul Chek and his teachings.

Paul check is one of the best experts on muscle and joint healing. He has many seminars and course for Chek Practitioners. He is a functional medicine practitioner.

He values the whole world, everything in and the good in people. He looks at everything working together to be sustainable, moral and best for everyone. The holistic approach.

The CHEK Institue:

Paul Chek’s blog

Personal Growth through Paul Chek’s PPS Success Mastery Centee:

Paul Chek Circuit Workout – crossfit style training which works many parts of your body in unison to perform at its best.


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