Joe Rogan

People that I draw inspiration from. People that look at the world a different way, to get the best out of it that they can. To benefit humans and not get caught up with the stupid things in life.

Joe Rogan
UFC announcer, Fear Factor host, Comedian, martial arts fan and general good human being

His early life he was very lost, except for his love for the taekwando martial art. He was the U.S. Open lightweight champion in 1987. As he grew older he grew as a person, away from his douche-bag youth becoming a real, good person. He got into comedy afterwards and then into acting in the sitcom “News Radio”. He also became on of the veteran commentators for the Ultimate Fighting Championships, which is the fastest growing sport in the world. He is still am active comedian and currently runs his own Podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience. He has 500,000 subscribers and over 160 podcast, generally 2 hours long. On this podcast he discussed many ideas about life and the world in very interesting ways with fellow comedians, renegades and friends. Which is different to what you hear through the general public and the governing bodies of the world. What he discusses and his views on many topics resonate with me and make a whole lot of sense.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast:
Key People interviewed:
Tim Ferriss
Dave Asprey
Robb Wolf
Shane Smith

He has over 250 podcasts and many are very interesting. With some epic rants from Rogan, some alternative views from Trussell and crazy stories from Diaz.


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