Religion is a real touchy subject.

I have been brought up a Christian, but instead of my Parents forcing it down my throat, they led by example. I am thankful for that.

Now my problem as a kid was all this War, and religious fighting. This is weird cos many religions are very close.

Catholic believes in God of Bible and more Mother Mary,
Christian believes in God and Jesus (being the biggest prophet).
Muslims believes in the prophet Muhammad, and a God.
Jews believe in the God of the Old Testament, but not in Jesus.

These are all basically very similar. But instead of the people unite, they fight over the differences.

Also the Muslim – Christian Holy war between USA and Middle East is very bad. People misinterpret the holy books.

Religion has turned into Institution such as the Vatican City etc.
And the amount of Child Molestation occurring for years and the cover ups are absurd.

So Religion instead of being a way to help people live good lives, it has become a method of controlling people .

Zeitgeist view on Religion and the similarities in Religions of Christianity and Ancient Egypt.
Also the link between Astrology…


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