Paleo / Primal

Now again there is a category which has subdivisions who fight against themselves. However I am here for the overall lifestyle and do the best I can with my own diet and outlook.

The Paleolithic diet or lifestyle as I prefer to call it consist of a completely different food pyramid and outlook on nutrition and health.

The idea is that humans have evolved or were created over 10,000 years ago and were designed to eat the same things as back then. The food sources there were meat, fruit and vegetables.
It goes against the notion of low-fat, high-carb diets which western medicine advises of.

The wheat-gluten problem. Simply humans who  lived 10,000 years ago were nomadic and lived in small tribes. We did not have houses to survive cold winters, plant wheat and wait the 6 months for it to grow and then harvest it, grind it down into flour, mix it and bake bread in the oven which was not invented. Thus by that theory we are not designed to eat wheat.

Key note: In the bible and other ancient text’s wheat was the staff of life. Well the wheat from back then was a completely different.

It has 16 Chromosomes, it was short and had very low yield of grains. Now they have 46 and way more gluten in it, it has been hybridized and genetically modified to grow more grains in relation to the stalk. The gluten gives the wheat a more sticky texture such as glue, which is perfect in for rubbery pizza dough and perfectly form-able doughnuts. However gluten is a protein, people get leaky-gut syndrome and the protein’s get absorbed. The human body looks at the gluten and it appears to be a virus, so it sends anti-bodies to deal with it. So instead of absorbing nutrients, your intestines get inflamed by the immune response.
From my own experience when I eat gluten, I get very inflamed stomach and intestines and get a wheat/beer belly. I feel perpetually hung over and have brain fog. I get horrendous gas and my stomach feels upset. It takes a week for the symptoms to go away.

Also, with paleo it is suggested that people eat lots of saturated animal fat. This is from when cavemen caught an antelope, they ate the vital organs first such as liver, kidneys. A source of many nutrients and vitamins. Saturated fat is necessary for healthy brain function. You may have heard these days that walnuts and avocado’s are good for your brain, and cod liver oil. Thus the general info is agreeing with the saturated fat mentality. If people don’t get enough fat they actually become depressed.

Paleo Experts:
Mark Sisson
Robb Wolf

Loren Cordain


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