Just.Eat.Real.Food – JERF Perth

If anyone in Perth is looking for some good quality real food, here is a list I made:

Grass-fed beef, rump in 4-7kg slabs @ $5.99/kg at Wholefood Jacks in Claremont Quarter. Or sirloin steak strips for $10.99/kg

Free range eggs, at subiaco farmers market for $4.29 per dozen. Or at Wholefood Jacks there are Golden Egg free range eggs for $5.99 per dozen.

Raw-est milk with >90% A2 protein. Pasteurized only, not homogenized milk, from one lot of cows that are the same breed. Available at Sunnydale dairy, on Carrington Rd in Nedlands.

Fresh and mostly local fruit and vegetables are available at subiaco station markets or Wholefood Jacks.

You can also get good quality Whey Protein Powder from Fonterra. A 20kg bag can be bought for ~$300. So it works out to $15 per KG,which is way cheaper than leading brand  $50/kg


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