Here is a collection of all the best bits that I have learned about health, nutrition and wellness.

Best Sources of Information:

The Paleo / Caveman / Primal lifestyle

Treatments for Cancer by Dr Burzynski :

Treatment for Cancer by Dr Gerson:

Treatment for Diabetes – Simply Raw for 30 days

One of the best sources I have found is Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness:

His just released e-book with numerous links and suggestions for further in-depth information


Modern Poisons:
Mercury fillings,
Fluoridated water,
A1 and A2 Milk,
GMO vs Organic,
Fake health foods,
Super foods,


“One man’s cure is another man’s poison”. Why vegetarian and vegan diet is only a short-term solution.

A vegetarian diet is good for detoxing, but for anytime longer than a few months to a maximum 6 months causes your body to degenerate. Ladies that have vegitarian diets have kids born with rotten teeth and other problems.

Tim ferris says the best way to improve fertility is to cut out gluten and add satiated animal fat to their diet.

Sleep helps you be healthy. Getting regular sleep by 10pm helps the body to function properly.

Having cold showers causes a release of beneficial hormones, as well as putting a cold ice-pack on the back of your neck before bed.


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