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FINALLY! a TEDx Talk on the Paleo Diet

I have been following the TEDx Talks for a while now, and just today ran across the talk about the Paleo Diet.

Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria: Curing MS with a Paleo Diet.

It came out just over a month ago


Link to Loren Cordain’s full lecture about Human evolution and diet:


Had lunch with the king of Edu-tainment, Sean Croxton

Today I visited Sean Croxton from underground wellness while I was in beautiful San Diego. We had a long chat over a grass-fed beef salad. It was an honor to finally meet him after following his site and YouTube Channel , Underground Wellness. We talked a bit about everything and answered some questions I have wondered for years. Thanks goes out to Sean, keep up the good work.

Burger Lounge in San Diego, they offer organic grass-fed beef on salads without the bread. Great place to eat