The world of information is at our fingertips via the internet. Thus I would like share a portion of what I have seen and believe will be valuable to other people. With the limited time people have and the advances in media = Edu-tainment and good documentaries are born.

All my life I have seen occurrences and situations that in my heart I didn’t agree with. I did not understand why I felt this way.|Then after years of seeing inconstancy and things that does not make sense to me a human, I found some truths.
I found a fantastic individual on youtube called Sean Croxton. He was an expert on Health and Nutrition, after also being dissatisfied with what he was taught at uni and the stuff that didn’t work. So he has read 1000’s of books and interviewed 100’s of Doctors and Experts in the area’s of health, nutrition and medicine.

Since then I have watched numerous documentaries about the health, nutrition, economics, governments and society.
I now have a stronger understanding of why there are all these discrepancies with the status-quo and those in power. Being why they disagree with my heart and mind, now that I have found the underground arguments to how the really is world.

So with the power of the internet for sharing information in a easy to absorb and varying degrees of depth of knowledge I share with you the renegade lifestyle





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