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The one thing everyone wants…..Freedom

The one thing that everyone wants is freedom. The freedom to move where they want, freedom to love who they want, freedom to do what they want.
There is some things that have free’d people over time lately.
– The car give you freedom to drive where you want
– The plane gave people the freedom to quickly travel around the world
– The mobile phone gave people the freedom to talk to people without being there
– The internet gave people the freedom to information,
This means people don’t need to get you info from the TV, the radio or newspaper. It interconnects everyone, and limits censorship.

Watch this Truth Never Told clips:


Intermittent Fasting Documentary on Horizon – Paleo

Very well done doco on benefits of intermittent fasting which is a part of the Paleo Lifestyle.
They comment on visceral fat and insulin and how your body reacts.

Done by BBC Horizon Documentary Series.
The host says this has had the greatest effect on his life of anything.

It reduces diabetes, risk of heart disease, cancer.
Improves neuron growth, repair, detox.


Can Watch Video here:

Articles on Paleo Intermittent Fasting:

Alternative Media – Real News

The problem with current media is that it is run by a small number of Companies, and Rupert Murdoch owns most of it.

So the best places to get far better news and real journalism is:

  RT is a full news station with newsrooms all across the world. It is free of the large Pro-USA bias such as found on FOX and CNN


Also alternative is Corbett Report:
He is an individual who moved to Japan from US and reports on Real News that he has very well researched himself:


Al Jazeera

A News show from the Middle East, gives a better report of events in the Middle East.

On topics such as the Arab Spring, Ongoing Military Operations in Iraq and Afganistan.

Paleo Food Recipe started by my Girlfriend


A nice site with good recipes for desserts, breakfast and dinners.
Most recipes are Paleo, and some are not, but still good enough to include.
One of my favourites is:


Almond Pancakes