Monthly Archives: July 2012

Television – drains the soul

Television is called the idiot box for a reason. I have not watched TV for 6 years. I have avoided the ridiculous adverts. I have skipped the fear filled News. I have avoided wasting hours sitting in front of it.
Fear is a way that its scares people into thinking the world is much worse than it is, every night there is a rape, murder, war on the news. Fear makes people stay at home, watching TV, not taking the small risk and living life.

Instead I watch documentaries. If its about some monkeys in Africa or bankers in USA. A doco will give you an interesting perspective on a topic in the world.


Fat Joe Ain’t fat no mo’

Fat Joe has been 300+ pounds for many years ( 140kg in new money)

He recently cut out carbs from grains (bread, pasta, pretzels, cakes, cookies) and lost mad weight.

He eats as much steak, lobster, chicken as he wants,  just no grains.

Real food summit is live

Sean Croxton is at it again. Presenting another summit. This time it is his own, the Real Food Summit! Great presentations from experts on health and nutrition. Check it out at