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Joe Rogan & Peter Joseph Podcast (Zeitgiest)

Awesome podcast about my two favorite documentaries:

Joe Rogan has Peter Joseph from Zeitgeist movement movies

Also had Michael Ruppert from the Documentary  “Collapse”


Ron Paul 2012 – Here we go!

Ron Paul is the only true Libertarian for President who will fix USA.

He came a close 3rd in the First Iowa Caucus, 2nd at the New Hampshire Caucus, and then 4th at the South Carolina Caucus.

Joe Rogan is supporting him. So are many, many young informed people like ourselves.

Jay Leno Appearance of both Ron Paul and Joe Rogan

Lets see if it happens, the only way is forward

Again, Juicing Detox Fat Loss

Guy lost 11 pounds in 7 days. Another example of fruit & vegetable juices help loose weight.



FINALLY! a TEDx Talk on the Paleo Diet

I have been following the TEDx Talks for a while now, and just today ran across the talk about the Paleo Diet.

Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria: Curing MS with a Paleo Diet.

It came out just over a month ago


Link to Loren Cordain’s full lecture about Human evolution and diet: